Biography and Background

Phelco Group Realty is an independent real estate company founded by broker and principal owner Rob Fellows, who’s vision for the company was born out of his early experience in the industry.

Rob began his real estate career in 2007, after consulting with a friend in the business.  He spent the next few years as an associate broker with a local Boulder County firm. Not having experienced the “boom” years earlier that decade  and in an industry crippled by the housing crisis, it was a difficult time to be in the business.  However Rob continued to persevere and gained some valuable experience before ultimately deciding his goals as a real estate agent would be best served independently.

Phelco Group Realty was formed in 2010, and Rob’s first priority was to create a personalized strategy focused tightly around the needs and objectives of the individual client. Maintaining a small office approach, he felt there was plenty of room to improve the overall consumer experience in real estate transactions.

During those early years, residential housing remained in a challenging state. After introduction to an established commercial real estate broker, Rob branched out into the local commercial market. With a focus on tenant representation, Phelco Group closed nearly $1,000,000 of lease volume in 2012. Regardless of that success and having never lost sight of his original passion for the residential side of the business, Rob would then re-focus efforts back to those markets as business began to improve and the housing crisis abated.

Since that time, Colorado has experienced a dramatic growth in all areas of real estate; however Phelco Group Realty continues to adhere to its original goals of providing a unique and personal client experience.

While careful to maintain a small active client list, Rob always welcomes new inquiries from those interested in discussing what Phelco Group can do for them.